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Using cloth has all sorts of amazing benefits for you, your baby, and our environment!

At Little Beach Bums, we want to help you to make choosing cloth a breeze. Let us tell you the four most important reasons why…

Strip the average disposable nappy of its expensive marketing, and you are left with a complex combination of heavily treated tree pulp, polyethylene (plastic), glues, dyes, synthetic perfumes and sodium polyacrylate (an absorbent chemical). Disposable nappies might be functional, but they are made of all sorts of things that ideally shouldn’t be coming into contact with your baby’s precious skin.

We did our research, and concluded that reusable cotton nappies are the obvious choice when it comes to the comfort and health of your baby. Cotton is a natural fibre that feels soft on skin, and is naturally absorbent and breathable. This is why we use nothing but Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton for our pre-fold nappies.

The marketing of disposable nappies has often focused on their extreme absorbency. Parents are misled into believing that a nappy does not require changing so long as it is chemically dry. The problem is that a soiled nappy, even if it feels dry to the touch, remains a soiled nappy. Bacteria begins to form in the soiled nappy, which can result in irritation or infection.

An added benefit of Little Beach Bums’ separable nappy and nappy cover system is that, on hot Queensland days, the nappy cover can be removed to promote ventilation and keep your baby cool and comfortable.

The reusable cloth nappies of today are (thankfully!) nothing like those of yesteryear. Gone are the days of trying to pin together a nappy on a squirming baby. The modern iteration of the cloth nappy requires no rubber pilchers or safety pins. With one of our adorable nappy covers (which have elasticised leg holes and an adjustable closure at the waist), fitting cloth to your child is no more difficult than fitting a disposable. Even coverless cloth nappy fitting has become a cinch, with the amazing Snappi® nappy fastener.

Just throw your cloth nappy into your cloth laundry bag (instead of your disposable into your garbage bin), and when you have enough to fill a load, tip the contents, including your cloth laundry bag, into the washing machine. There is no need to pre soak the nappies and any stains can usually be removed simply by hanging your nappies in the sun. (This goes for any yellow stains on baby clothes as well!)

As unbelievable as it sounds, asking for our help on your cloth journey can actually save you money! By purchasing one of our economical Cloth Starter Kits you will be setting yourself up with everything you need to start using cloth at home for a fraction of the price that you would spend on disposables.

Little Beach Bums’ cloth nappies start from as little as $2 per nappy. Purchasing a constant supply of disposables would cost you much more.

Using cloth nappies can also expedite your baby’s toilet training process by up to a year. The chemical dryness offered by disposables can hamper your baby’s ability to identify the source of his or her discomfort when wet. And of course, faster toilet training means fewer nappies!

When the other benefits of Little Beach Bums’ cloth nappies are so clear, you hardly need to be an eco-warrior to want to sign up! But in choosing cloth, you will definitely be doing your part to help the environment.

At present, around 95 percent of Australian parents with babies choose disposable nappies; and the average newborn uses about 80 nappies per week. The result is that eighteen billion nappies end up in landfill each year, worldwide. Worse still, scientists have estimated that disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill. That means that every disposable nappy ever made is still in landfill somewhere!

By comparison, a cotton cloth nappy can be used over and over, and then recycled at the end of its useful life. The manufacturing process of organic cotton cloth nappies is also far less environmentally onerous, which takes pressure off our working forests and supplies of fossil fuels.

By using cloth, you can help to avoid the irony of destroying our children’s planet with the disposable nappies we use to care for them.

Is the average number of babies born on the Sunshine Coast each year.
Is the estimated percentage of parents using disposable nappies in Australia.
Is the average number of nappies used by one child in their first year of life.
That's almost 12 million nappies going into landfill on the Sunny Coast every year!


By using our cloth nappies, you can help to avoid the irony of destroying our children’s planet with the disposable nappies we use to care for them
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