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Why Use Our Nappy Service?

Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for all parents on the beautiful Sunshine Coast to use sustainable cloth nappies.

Whether you are a first-time parent or you are adding to your existing tribe, we can help you to make choosing sustainable cloth a breeze!

Because our cloth nappies are natural and sustainable, they are undoubtedly the right choice for your baby and for our environment. And because our service manages to make using cloth easy and affordable, they can be the right choice for you as well!

why use a nappy cleaning service - the four c's

When it comes to the comfort and health of your baby, your convenience and budget, and the well being of our environment, our nappy cleaning service is win-win.

We use nothing but Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton pre-fold nappies. Cotton is a natural fibre that feels soft on skin, and is naturally absorbent and breathable. Our cloth nappies are free of the chemicals and other nasties that disposables contain.

Modern cloth nappies are far easier to use than their predecessors, and our service will ensure that you have a constant freshly laundered supply of them (for as little as 50 cents per nappy). In choosing cloth, you will also be doing your part to keep disposables out of land fill.

why use a nappy cleaning service - nappy laundering and sanitisation

Finding the very best laundering and sanitisation process has been a labour of love for us. We are proud to have found a solution that ensures that our cloth nappies are cleaned to the highest standards of hygiene, and in accordance with our ethos of sustainability.

Little Beach Bums uses state-of-the-art industrial washing machines and locally-sourced earth-safe detergents to ensure the highest standard of sanitisation. We use a local pathology lab to test our wash results, ensuring that we are reliably destroying bacteria without the use of bleach or copious water heating.

We launder our cloth nappies in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standard 4146 on laundry practice.

Trying to achieve the same results at home, or even in a non-specialised laundromat, would be difficult, costly and time-consuming. An ordinary washing machine is simply unable to maintain a sufficiently high temperature to adequately sterilise nappies.

But Little Beach Bums is no mere laundromat!

locally owned & operated nappy cleaning service

Little Beach Bums is owned and operated by Sunshine Coast locals. And our local knowledge informs all aspects of our business, from our choice of a Queensland climate-appropriate nappy fabric to our choice of the most efficient delivery routes. More importantly, if you ever need our help or advice, we are close at hand. We will do whatever we can to help make cloth work for you!


By using our cloth nappy service, you can help to avoid the irony of destroying our children’s planet with the disposable nappies we use to care for them