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Snappi Nappy Fastener – Single


A Snappi® nappy fastener is a modern, easy-to-use alternative to a nappy pin. It is a T-shaped fastener with a toothed grip on each of its elasticised arms. Its elasticity allows a snug, leakage-reducing fit to be maintained, without restricting your baby’s natural movement. They work effectively with loosely-woven fabrics, such as the organic cotton from which our nappies are made.

Once you have activated the Snappi® nappy fastener, by pulling each of its arms repeatedly until it becomes soft and elastic, you need only hold your baby’s nappy in place with one hand, and “hook left, hook right, and hook centre” with the other.

We recommend purchasing a few so you always have one on hand!

Little Beach Bums is an authorised retailer of Snappi® baby products.

Please note: we currently only have Pale pink coloured Snappis in stock.



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