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Cloth Nappy Starter Kit

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Little Beach Bums Cloth Starter Kits contain everything you need to get started on your cloth nappy journey. Made using 100 percent GOTS-certified organic cotton, Little Beach Bums prefold nappies are the right choice for your baby and our environment. A wonderful gift idea for parents-to-be! Each kit includes:

  • 25 unbleached organic cotton prefolds (see guide below under price)
  • 4 waterproof covers
  • 4 night boosters
  • 2 waterproof laundry bags
  • 1 waterproof wet bag
Any colour preferences for nappy covers and wet bag can be placed in the notes field at checkout. Please note: Because our prefolds are made from 100% unbleached organic cotton they will need to be washed 3-4 times in hot water before use to remove natural oils and waxes. Please expect an approximate shrinkage of 20-25% after completing the pre-washes. Prefolds should become fluffed up and absorbent following the pre-washes and continue to become softer and more absorbent with each wash.


7 reviews for Cloth Nappy Starter Kit

Absolutely love these nappy covers compared to others I’ve tried, the prefolds themselves are great (it did take a little time to work out which folding method suited Bub best (I found folding them into a strip sideways with all the absorbency in the centre worked best for my baby girl). I also purchased in addition the swim nappy and found it works well also. If washing yourself and not using the nappy service I do suggest 2 of the wet bags so you can alternate them (one being washed and dried the other being used)

(verified owner)

We bought the starter kit and ended up starting cloth as soon as we got home from hospital. It’s a great, simple system that we have found very ‘user friendly’ as first time parents 🙂

(verified owner)

My newborn starter kit arrived today and I’m thrilled! The quality of each item in the kit is fantastic and for such a great price too. The nappy covers are a perfect little size for a newborn bum, and legs are double gussetted (I think that’s what it’s called!). They’re much smaller and appropriate for a newborn than other OSFM nappies I have. Bub is due in 10wks so I can’t review using my kit yet yet, however, I had questions after I placed my order and Kelly was so quick to reply each time. She was so helpful and honest, gave me tips&tricks, and really made me feel good about my order choice (as a first time mum), which made me feel even better for choosing Little Beach Bums. I love how eco-conscious they are and I love supporting businesses like this, money well spent. Thank you Kelly. Looking forward using my to placing my next order!
Jo, Newcastle 😃

(verified owner)

The kit arrived today, I’m super happy. It arrived super fast and the nappies and accessories are very high quality I can’t wait to try it out, i definitely recommend this product. 🙂

(verified owner)

I received my newborn kit today. Great quality and cute bright colours. It came quickly in the post and Kelly was super helpful answering any questions. The covers are double gusseted and easy to adjust- a lot of other newborn covers I’ve seen aren’t like this. I’m not due for another 10 weeks but can’t wait to use them! Thank you.

(verified owner)

My order arrived very quickly and with the packaging in excellent condition, with no unnecessary plastic used in packing or delivery. Bubs is still on the way so I can’t comment on use of the nappies yet (I’ll report back later!) but the quality appears excellent and the prefolds are unbleached, which I didn’t realise but am thrilled about, and the price is phenomenal compared with other sellers. Looking forward to putting these to good use as soon as we get home from the hospital!!

(verified owner)

I love these prefolds and covers. I have quite an assortment of cloth nappies and I just can’t get past the simplicity of use and washing and drying (I live in Victoria) and affordability of these prefolds and covers. I feel so good using organic cotton and the covers are just a joy to use with fun colours & snaps. Thankyou for offering a good quality and affordable nappy. I’m very happy! Also, just have to mention you sent me an extra cover and a couple extra prefolds which was just so generous and I appreciate it!

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